The two greatest decisions I’ve ever made were to follow Jesus and to ask Lauren Clark to be my wife. To ask Lauren to marry me would eventually change my future, but believing in Jesus Christ changed my eternity. Some of you will politely¬†agree with the previous statement. Remembering the day you professed Jesus as Lord. Others of you may feel sympathy for me, disappointment even. Some of you may not know what to think. I can understand each of those responses.

All I can tell you is that a change took place in me when I believed upon Jesus Christ. I’m not perfect. I make plenty of mistakes (Ask the second greatest decision of my life! She will affirm this!) But from day one, Jesus has been faithful in a way that I cannot express in words. Would you consider taking a few minutes to watch a video? I think it might just be helpful for you to see where I’m coming from. [Click Here]

God Bless,