First Post


I have tried this blogging thing a couple of times; originally, out of mere boredom. Now, I will be attempting to post weekly out of conviction. Three weeks ago, I was in a doctoral seminar at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the visiting professor, Dr. JD Payne, encouraged all of us to steward our platforms well. He said that every one of us has something to offer to those that we lead and the churches we serve. For me, his words were convicting. I preach weekly about stewarding our time, talents, and possessions, but there are areas in my own life that need better stewarding.

The next few weeks will be a challenge for me. Writing is not something that comes naturally; it takes a lot of effort. Nevertheless, with God’s help I plan to write on several topics related to the American Church: church revitalization, church planting, discipleship, etc. That being said, welcome to my blog,, I hope that my posts will help grow in your love for Christ, His Church, and His Mission.


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