God & the Seemingly Impossible


Our Common Situation

I’ll never forget a time I found myself in a seemingly impossible situation. It was a Saturday morning and I was on solo daddy duty. My son had not gotten up yet and I was in my home office waiting for my opportunity to make my case for Husband of the Year. My goal was to let my wife sleep in while I provided for our then 9-month-old-son.

His 7AM crying let me know he was ready to begin his day, and as I walked into his nursery I was met by a standing ovation. My firstborn was so excited to see me he could barely hold it in (At least that is how I remember it!). I reached down to pick him up and it is from that moment I began to realize the gravity of the situation. I remember thinking, maybe there was more to him crying then merely letting me know he was ready for breakfast. Two hundred wet wipes and an extra load of laundry later, I was still not ready to bring closure to the seemingly impossible situation and it was at that moment I yelled for backup.

The morning dilemma left me feeling inadequate and drastically unprepared. Adding insult, my wife was able to resolve the situation quicker than it took me to call for help. I’d like to think that I have grown from situations like these and that I am not as quick to call for assistance, but not much has changed in how I walk away from them. I do so knowing that another is on its way. I once heard a pastor say, “we are all either in a difficult situation, just got out of one or are about to go into one.” Being faced with situations that are bigger than us is just part of living in a broken world.

I know this may sound hopeless but for anyone who has found their identity in Christ, it is actually quite hope-filled. God has promised us that He will never leave us despite our situation (Hebrews 13:5) and that He would work all situations for our good and His glory (Romans 8). After 25+ years of following Jesus, I’m convinced that it is through the God-allowed impossible situations that are beyond us is what he primarily uses to grow us.

The Bible

The Bible is full of stories that highlight God’s ability to work through inadequate people, experiencing seemingly impossible situations. Often we are tempted to celebrate the Bible Heroes to the neglect of the God who provided, sustained, and empowered the Bible Heroes. Noah is a great example of this. For three chapters we read about a man who was “righteous in his generation.” But if we left Noah’s Ark without celebrating God’s ability to do the impossible through a fallen individual, we would largely miss the point. I do believe Noah should be considered a “Bible Hero” but on the foundation of his God-sustained willingness to trust and obey when the situation seemed impossible and his calling was far greater than his ability.

Now What?

So tomorrow, next month, next year, or whenever the next seemingly impossible situation shows its face, I hope that you trust & obey Him for He is faithful. And please remember, He is with you, He is for you, and He is working all things for your greatest good and His greatest glory.

I pray this helps you grow in your love for Christ, His Church, and His Mission


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