Snow Day Worship


Last week I spoke on the ‘Gather’ portion of our strategy (Gather, Grow, Serve) to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Ironically, the following Sunday we were snowed in and unable to gather corporately! Thankfully, ‘Gathering’ is not limited to a church sanctuary in Bonlee, NC, but occurs anytime we come together to glorify God. We gather in large groups and small groups, for Bible Studies, and for mission projects, all for the same purpose to glorify God and give him the Worship and praise that he deserves and by taking the words of His Son, Jesus, seriously.

I am reminded that one of the most important places we ‘Gather’ is in our homes, the primary place where disciples are made.

How do you lead your family to worship? Here are some suggestions.



Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving. – Colossians 4:2

Each week as part of our church bulletin we provide a list of names for prayer. As part of worshiping at home this week, would you make a personal prayer list- a list of people and situations that are beyond your control but are in alignment with what you know God wants to do?_____________   _____________

_____________   _____________

_____________   _____________


Many of us want to study the bible but it can be difficult deciding where to begin! A snowed in weekend is a great time to begin reading the New Testament with our Church. Monday through Friday we read one chapter a day. Today, worship at home by reading with us. Click Here to download a copy of the reading plan Bonlee Baptist Church is using or Visit Here to see how to subscribe to the plan on the YouVersion Bible App.


I will never forget the day my mother explained to me why our family placed money into the stainless steel offering plates at the church where I grew up. My mom used it as a opportunity to explain to me how good and gracious God had been to our family.

Have you ever explained to your family why you give back to God? Today would be a great day to have that conversation.

For your convenience we now have three ways to give. By mail, in person, and online. Click Here to find out more information.


The weather has been terrible. I don’t have a four wheel drive or the ambition to drive on ice (as many of you know!), but I’ve had several from our Church call and ask me, “is there anything you need?” It has truly encouraged me.

My hope is that our love and willingness to serve others does not only reach those we gather with on Sundays, but also stretches to our community. Use the bad weather as an opportunity to begin gospel conversations with your friends and neighbors.

I pray this helps you grow in your love for Jesus, His Church, and His mission.

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