You Asked For It – A Sermon Series Based On Your Questions

A Sermon Series Based on YOUR Questions! 

I. Questions – You Have Them and God Can Use Them

I have been a “question guy” my entire life. A personality trait that I’m sure drove my parents crazy, has consistently been the instrument God’s used to draw me into a closer walk with His Son. At times, questions have been the motivation to pursue knowledge and understanding where the Bible speaks, and at other times it’s provoked my faith to grow (especially in areas where the Bible is silent). I’ve tried to allow what I know is true, the “undeniable,” to get me through the “unexplainable” or what I did not understand. There is no doubt in my mind that I am a more devoted follower of Jesus today because of the questions that I had yesterday.

II. Questions – Confidence Through Them Is Found In God

Unlike when I first began serving as a summer youth minister, I’m not scared of questions. Not because I believe I have all the answers, but because I am convinced my Heavenly Father does. He also welcomes my questions and is not intimidated or insulted by them. (Side Note #1: When I was a youth pastor questions scared me because I was looking to my own ability to answer them and was too prideful to admit I needed help at times). Scripture tells us that truth is who He is (John 14:6-7), and that He came to bring us peace (John 16:33). One thing I know from experience is that there is no peace in unanswered questions. But with so many people not experiencing peace, we can’t all be responding to our questions in the same way.

Truth is we usually respond in one of three ways.

  1. We allow the question to drown out the voice of Truth – we surrender to the question.  
  2. We become apathetic and never look for an answer – this will eventually catch up with us especially in days of pain and suffering.
  3. We surrender it to Christ and pursue wisdom. Only this option leads to the peace Jesus offers. The others offer quick and cheap peace that always ends costing more. 

III. Questions – An Important Truth

Let me be clear, anything God can use for His glory, Satan can use for his destructive intentions. I cannot count how many times I’ve spoken with people trying their best to follow Jesus but were crippled from their unanswered questions. Not thousands of questions but one or two that the enemy kept using to trip up their faith.

Not thousands of questions but one or two

But I will never forget the times I’ve seen God reveal truth and understanding to seemingly unanswerable questions. It’s AMAZING! And as a pastor, I believe it’s my responsibility to engage the questions people actually have and help provide Scriptural and practical steps to address them. (Side Note #2 – Not all questions will be answered this side of eternity but I do believe many can be and should be.)

IV. Engaging Questions – The Easter Survey

Easter Sunday we surveyed our church to discover their biggest questions in the hopes of doing a life-changing sermon series that results from combining questions people actually have with the truth found in God’s Word.

Here are the questions we asked:


The Easter survey responses were numerous and no two were exactly the same. But if you put them all into a single pot and boil them down I believe you would be left with the four questions below:

#1 –“How Can I know that I am saved?” (4/30)

#2“How can God allow Pain and suffering?” (5/7)

#3– “What does God say about relationships?” (5/14)

#4“How do I get passed my past?” (5/21)

V. Questions – They Matter to God Because You Matter to God

I sincerely believe that God is going to accomplish great things through this series as people understand how much they matter to God. Many times we feel guilty and never bring our concerns to the Lord because we feel as if they don’t matter but this is so far from the truth. In reality, questions are important to God because they are important to you and you are important to God. Did you catch that? Because you matter to God anything that matters to you matters to Him.

You matter to God..

VI. Conclusion – My Prayer For You

I am praying the same God that inspired James to write this –

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. (James 1:5)

would turn burdens into blessings as truth and understanding is revealed for God’s glory and your good.

Have a question that did not make the list? Let me know here HERE and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I pray this helps you grow in your love for Jesus, His Church, and His mission.

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